Lowes Credit Card

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Lowes Credit Cards can be used to help manage your finances and receive special offers from Lowe’s Home Improvement Warehouse. Lowe’s will also offer you guidance and assistance in managing the finances attached to your Lowe’s credit card, so you need never worry about losing control of your budget.

Lowes Credit Cards require no annual fee and only minor monthly fees. More applicants than not are accepted for Lowe’s Credit Card accounts.

Lowes Credit Cards are available for both consumers and for businesses. The two cards differ in the services that are available and the offers you can receive from Lowes to help with your finances.

Consumer credit cards are valuable for when you are working on home renovation project and are going to be purchasing a lot of materials from Lowes over a short period of time. One option to choose from is the Lowe’s Project Card, which allows you to hold back on payments without having to worry about interest until the end of a six-month period while still giving you the financial freedom to pay for costly projects. For more regular use, you can get the Consumer Credit Card Account, which will give you access to special offers throughout the year and also help you carry the load of any Lowe’s purchases you may require.

Business credit cards are available for starter businesses, established businesses, and anything in between. They simplify the purchase process when buying large amounts of supplies for use in your business. Another helpful feature is that Lowe’s representative will always be available to answer any question you need or to give you advice on your Business Credit Card account.

There are websites for both Canadian and American customers that can be browsed online. Customers from both nations can review the various features that are available to their country specifically.

Once you have applied for a card, you will receive a login identity and password that you can use to review your credit card balance and all other related financial details. This can be done from the ‘Manage Your Account’ link on the Lowe’s website. There is no charge for making changes to your account or making transactions when using the Lowes online services.

You new Lowe’s credit card can also be used when making purchases online. You can quickly access menus that will lead you to Lowes products, so you can begin shopping with your new Lowes Credit Card right away.

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