Lowes Credit Card Payment

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Lowes store offers Lowes credit card payment to be done online. The credit cards are like store cards which offers great deals in all of its 1600 Lowes stores. It is known to be the second largest hardware store in the world. Aside from that, Lowes credit card may be used to purchase from its website at lowes.com. One essential feature of this card is that you have an option to do online and deferred payments.

Lowes credit card is the easiest and safest way to shop at lowes.com especially when you purchase for a large finance project. There are 2 options when you apply for Lowes credit card; one is the card with no annual fee or the card with some percentage off using you Lowe’s credit card with no interest if paid in full within a period of 6 months.

Lowes Credit Card Payment- How to login

Every time you open your account online, a user ID is compulsory in order to login. This is also true when you need to process Lowes credit card payment online. Follow these steps to login and register:

• Log on to the website www.lowes.com and click on the option that says “Credit Services” which may be found under “Quick Links” found at the bottom-left of the screen. When the new page loads up, click on “consumer credit cards” found at the drop down menu. Type in your user ID, click on the option that says “First Time Users” in order to register.

• In order to complete the registration process, enter your account number. This may be found from your billing statement or straight to your Lowes credit card. You will be asked to provide your personal information like the date of birth and your social security number.

• Next step for Lowes credit card payment is to provide your own password and security answers that will be used in case you forget your password. Choose an image that will be displayed when signing in to your account online.

Everything should be good to go after completing these processes.
Steps to follow in making Lowes credit card Payment online
The following are the steps involved when making online Lowes credit card payment:

• Go to the log in page and click on “ Pay Online” under the “ For existing cardholders” tab. If this will be your first time to process online payment, you will be required to provide the information on your checking account. This is only done once and does not need to be repeated.

• Choose the desired amount to pay and the date as well as to authorize the transaction. In any case that you have registered multiple checking accounts, you need to choose the bank account from which your Lowes credit card payment will be deducted.
Lowes credit card is issued and governed by GEMB policy that ensures the maximum security to process Lowes credit card payment online or any other transactions. This is also a safety measure that all your personal information will not be compromised and will only be shared by important parties.

To know more about Lowes credit card payment, visit credit.lowes.com website. Lowes credit card is owned by Lowes.

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