Lowes Credit Card Login – Paying Bills Online

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Lowes credit card login is used by cardholders in order to register an account, apply for a credit card or paying bills online. This tool has been optimized for safety and secures online transactions. These are the other things that you can process through Lowes credit card login:
• Viewing your account summary
• Online Payment
• Contacting Lowes through secure message center
• Requesting a Credit Line Increase
• Updating your Account Information
• Add or Remove Authorized users
• Download your Transaction Activities to MS Money, Quicken or Excel
• Processing of e-Bill or Bill payment
Note that Lowes credit card login service is only available in English.

Lowes Credit Card Login –Steps on how to pay your bills online
You don’t want to be charged because you just don’t have time to pay your bills for your credit card. Late payments will cause some late penalties which means you have to keep up with your schedule. Lowes credit card login enables you to easily process paying your bills online without the hassle of getting some postage stamp and sending snail mails. To process online payment, make sure that you have an available checking account since part of the Lowes credit card login process is to register your checking account.

1. Go to Lowes credit card login page in order to register for you to pay your bills online. Choose the option that says “ Credit Services” from the available menu located along the left side of the screen. Another page must open wherein you need to click on “First Time Users” to be able to register.

2. Complete the whole online registration procedure. Enter your account number which may be found on your Lowes credit card or from your billing statement. You will be asked to enter the following information:
– Mother’s Maiden Name
– Birth Date
– the last 4 digit of your SSN or Social Security Number

3. After doing so, you will be required to create your own login password with 2 challenge question in order to validate if you need to change your password or in case you forgot. You have to choose an image as well for you to use in the future whenever you open the Lowes credit card login page.

4. Once that’s done, try to login to your new account and click on “Pay Online” option. If this is your first time to click on the option, the website will direct you to register your bank or checking account information before you go ahead with the bill payment.

5. You may register at least one of your checking accounts. The routing number and your checking account number will be necessary to do this. Those numbers are usually located at the bottom of your checks. The checking account number is on the far left corner while the routing number is to the left.

6. Process your bill payment by filling out the whole online form which comes up after choosing: Pay Online” and your registered checking account must be available already. The next time you go to Lowes credit card login, you may just click “Pay Online” for you to be directed to the payment option page.Pay your payment by completing the online form that comes up after you choose the “Pay Online” option (and one of your checking accounts has been registered). In the future, you can simply click “Pay Online” to go directly to the payment option.

7. Choose the right amount of money you are going t pay and the exact date that you made the payment then click on the authorization afterwards. In case you have registered more than one account then choose the bank account that you want the payment to be taken from.

Lowes credit card login enables you to conveniently process your bills from the internet without the hassle of going out or spending some of your precious time to settle them. Instead, open lowes.com and start doing online transactions wherein your information is guaranteed safe.

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