Lowes Credit Card Application

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Are you searching for the right credit card? Read the following information about Lowes Credit Card Application. This will tell you more about the deals, benefits, offers and how to go about applying for the credit card.

This Application is best for you if you frequently shop from them and may take advantage of their financing options such as discounts and deferred payment. There is no need to carry any balance for this card since the APR is as high as 21.99%.


Lowes credit card is being issued by GE money bank which is granted to 70%of their applicants according to their credit score. Someone with a fico score of 618 and above will surely get a card upon application.

When deciding on a credit line with Lowe’s you will have to choose from 2 options:
• Lowes credit card Application – This offer has special payment options the whole year with an APR of 21.99%.

• Lowes project card- This option is mainly for people who are on their way of home improvement project or completing some home repairs. In order to get this card, one has to have an initial purchase of $1000 and will provide you with a 6-month project window to purchase anything without due payments and zero interest.

There is no annual payment for the  credit card application by Lowes with an APR of 21.99%. Lowes credit card payment would be 1/35th of the available balance. During the grace period of 26 days, you are to pay your balance due in full without being incurred of any interest. However, for lat payments there is a $20 charge for any balances that has $50- $99.99, payment of $30 for balances ranging from $100- $499.99 and for balances above $500, a charge of $30 will be incurred. Returned check will be charges $20.
On the other hand, Lowes project card APR ranges from 7.99% up to 17.99% for your first home improvement project. You will be required to purchase of $1000

Lowes Credit Card Application- Benefits

This credit card Application provides its cardholder the benefit to:
– Special financing options the whole year at lowes.com or Lowes
– Take advantage of the discounts, deferred payment options and specials
– 6 month project window which allows cardholders to purchase for their home improvements and repairs without any interest and payments due within the 6 months period.

Lowes Credit Card Application- How it works

Lowes credit card may be used at any Lowes stores and at their website, lowes.com. It’s your standard credit card store with high APR giving special financing options like deferred payments, specials and discounts over one year. You may apply for Lowes credit card at their website- lowes.com.

For the Lowes project card, the cardholder will have a credit line of up to $30,000 which is designed in order to support your home improvement projects and renovations. The 6 month project window is one of its best offers wherein you will not be paying any due within 6 months and without interest. Aside from that, there is no annual payment for this card and you will be given between 4 to 10 years to fix the payments. This card may be applied for at any Lowes store.

Overall, Lowes credit card application may be of great advantage if you are doing home improvements and renovations since they provide a great deal out of it. For Lowes credit card application, it is best if you are an avid shopper of the store to get the most of it.

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